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Gross issuing proceeds of up to around EUR 4.02 million envisaged. Funds earmarked for investment in


AD-HOC: _wige decides Capital Increase

Cologne, 21 March 2017, 18:29 CET / corrected 22 March 2017, 10:22 CET:

With the approval of the Supervisory Board, the Management Board of Cologne-based _wige MEDIA AG has today decided on a capital increase with shareholder subscription rights from Authorized Capital. The capital stock is to be raised by up to EUR 1,608,288.00 against cash contribution through issuing up to 1,608,288 new no-par value bearer stocks representing a pro rata amount in the capital stock of EUR 1.00 per stock (the “New Stocks”). The new shares qualify for profit participation from 1 January 2016 onwards. The subscription price was fixed at EUR 2.50 for each New Stock (“Subscription Price”) by the Management Board, with the approval of the Supervisory Board.

The New Stocks will be offered to the shareholders by way of indirect subscription rights at a subscription price in a subscription ratio of 11:1 (i.e. eleven old stocks confer entitlement to one New Stock from the capital increase). In order to guarantee an even subscription ratio, the subscription rights of shareholders were excluded for fractional amounts. DZ BANK AG, Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, that will support the capital increase as Sole Lead Manager and Sole Bookrunner has been authorized with the obligation to offer the New Stocks to the shareholders for subscription by way of an indirect subscription right in accordance with the Subscription Offer.

The Subscription Offer is scheduled for publication in the German Federal Gazette on 22 March 2017. The subscription period is expected to run from 23 March 2017 (0:00 CET) and end on 5 April 2017 (24:00 CET). Based on an exemption from applying the German Securities Prospectus Act (Wertpapierprospektgesetz – WpPG), no securities prospectus will be drawn up for the capital increase.

Any New Stocks not purchased as part of the Subscription Offer are to be offered by DZ BANK AG, Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, to selected qualified institutional investors in Germany and other European countries (“Private Placement”) in the form of an invitation not open to the public.

Admission of the new shares to stock exchange trading on the regulated market (General Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is anticipated on 7 April 2017, with the inclusion of the new stocks in the existing listing scheduled by 10 April 2017.

The net proceeds from the capital increase are to be used to strengthen the working capital basis, in particular, however, for investments in developing the business of _wige MEDIA AG’s subsidiary gmbh.

_wige MEDIA AG
The Management Board