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The German Football Association (DFB) und initiate partnership for ten years. DFB Vice President Dr. Koch explains that the cooperation will be “Offering new perspectives”.

CN: DFB and agree cooperation

Cologne, 17 July 2017

The German Football Association (DFB), DFB GmbH, which comprises the commercial activities of the association, and gmbh, a wholly-owned subsidiary of _wige MEDIA AG, have agreed a long-term cooperation to enhance the visibility and presentation of amateur football. The joint goal is to equip amateur football clubs in Germany starting with the fourth league downwards with special video technology which enables football games to be broadcast in a high quality and fully automatically live on the online portal. Spectators can direct how they view a game, determine the perspective and share scenes on social media. The use of the offering is free, and refinances itself via advertising. The cooperation will initially run for ten years. In addition, is cooperating with the FUSSBALL.DE amateur football portal which is operated by DFB and its regional associations in partnership with Deutsche Post AG.

In the successfully concluded pilot phase, broadcast games from the second half of the 2016/2017 season from the North Regional league, Lower Saxony’s premier league, as well as the north and south Bavarian leagues. Further amateur leagues are now to be covered step by step throughout Germany. Allianz Deutschland AG, Deutsche Post AG and Telekom Deutschland GmbH support the company as founding partners. BILD is the company’s media partner and had already launched a weekly highlight show on the games run by by the second half of the 2016/2017 season.

Dr. Rainer Koch, DFB First Vice President Amateurs, says:

“Following the successfully concluded pilot phase, we know that this camera system and the platform offer new perspectives for amateur football, whether in live stream, as video on demand or as a posting in the social networks. Particularly young football players use social networks to communicate. They post and share moving image segments of games played by their own teams and home clubs. The excellent response and high viewer numbers of the games broadcast so far show how attractive amateur football can be.”

Peter Lauterbach, CEO of _wige MEDIA AG, says

“The excellent experience from the pilot phase and the strong interest in advertising partnerships have led us to a clear decision: We will establish as the moving image platform for amateur football throughout Germany.”