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Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH becomes exclusive automobile partner through to 2020. A Milestone for _wige MEDIA AG’s subsidiary

CN: and Hyundai enter into extensive cooperation

Cologne, 06 July 2017

Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH and gmbh, a wholly owned subsidiary of _wige MEDIA AG, have today agreed a long-term advertising partnership. Hyundai will advertise its products extensively on in the period up until 2020. “The partnership with Hyundai is another milestone which shows that with its very interesting target group of amateur sportspeople is also very attractive to advertising partners,” says Peter Lauterbach, CEO of _wige MEDIA AG. gmbh equips German amateur football clubs with special video technology which enables games to be transmitted live in a high quality and fully automatically using the new “” platform. The use of the offering is free of charge, and the portal finances itself through advertising proceeds. To date, has transmitted games from Northern Regional League, the Lower Saxony premier league, as well as the south and north Bavarian leagues. Further amateur leagues are now to be covered step by step throughout Germany. Allianz Deutschland AG, Deutsche Post AG and Telekom Deutschland GmbH already support the company as founding partners. BILD, Germany’s largest media brand, is also on board in the role of media partner.

Hyundai extends its football sponsoring by adding the amateur sector

“Football as a national sport connects millions of people and embodies the essence of the Hyundai brand – precision, strong momentum, emotional content. We are there when football stars make history at FIFA tournaments – and now in the amateur sector through,” says Markus Schrick, General Manager of Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH.  Football sponsoring is a core element of Hyundai’s marketing strategy and creates an emotional bond with fans and customers through shared enthusiasm for football. Hyundai is therefore an official partner of FIFA.

Hyundai ranks among the 100 “Best Global Brands”

Hyundai Motor Deutschland, headquartered in Offenbach am Main, has operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of South Korean Hyundai Motor Company since 2012. With a market share of 3.2 percent, 107,228 registrations and a private customer share of 54 percent, Hyundai achieved a high quality of registrations in Germany in 2016. Hyundai therefore continues to be the strongest Asian brand, and has established itself as one of the top three in the league of imported brands. Extremely good quality was also affirmed by Auto Bild’s quality report in 2016, a rating that Hyundai won for the third time in seven years. Moreover, customers confirm an attractive design and a very good value for money with Hyundai. The 5-year guarantee package with unlimited mileage is unique. 95 percent of all vehicles sold in Europe are designed, built and tested in the European research, development and design centre in Rüsselheim. As a long-term partner of FIFA and Caritas, Hyundai is committed in the areas of sports and society. The Hyundai Motor Group operates as one of the five largest automotive manufacturers in the world. Hyundai has featured among the 100 “Best Global Brands” for more than ten years, and the company’s brand value has almost trebled over this period.