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The partnership between “Deutsche Sporthilfe” and will expand the streaming platforms content. The new channel of Deutsche Sporthilfe offers exclusive insights into the daily life of athletes.


“Deutsche Sporthilfe” and form partnership

Cologne, 31. January 2018. expands its portfolio by a strategic partnership with the “Deutsche Sporthilfe”. Since 2017, the streaming platform broadcasts live amateur sports, mainly football, offering live coverage, VOD and highlights from the forth league until the sixth league.

The next step: expands its offer by other disciplines. Their new Partner will receive an own channel on in the future. Besides of reporting of events and sports events, there will also be exclusive insights into the daily life of different top athletes: The sponsored sportsmen, including world champions as well as European champions, will offer insights into their training routines or event preparations. They will also provide personal information about their targets, expectations and state of mind.

Some videos are already online. Have a look.