Your sports events live and on-demand

We bring popular sport LIVE to its fans, on all devices. Quite simple. And in highest quality!

This is A platform for all amateur athletes and fans.

Germany, the sports country.

With 28 million members in 90,000 clubs, the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) is the largest sports organisation in the world. The enthusiasm for sport in Germany reaches new heights every year. Every day there are competitions, not only for professionals, but also for amateurs. We equip sports fields and halls with a camera that broadcasts the event live, innovatively, cost-effectively and in high quality. User-friendly and optimised for mobile use.

We show Germany’s sport.

We offer all interested people the opportunity to attend their favourite event on a smartphone, laptop or TV screen. The hockey game of your own son? The Oberligaspiel from the Heimatverein? The top game of the upcoming Bundesliga stars? Just switch it on. We offer

The heart of And it beats. SPORTTOTAL owns the exclusive rights to a unique 180-degree camera technology throughout Germany. The outstanding innovation of the camera is its software, which is able to follow the game automatically – without any chip in the ball or jersey. To use the camera, all you need to do is attach a box about 30 cm high and 15 cm wide. This is attached to a light pole (at the side line height of the centre line).

The focus of the technology is

Here the signals converge, here is the entrance into the sports world of livestreams. But there is also information, support and offers around the sporttotal camera, its users and partners.

The possibilities are limitless. As a partner and part of the sporttotal network, there are various ways to use the new technology in German mass sports. Naming rights, sponsorships or display advertising are only a part of what is already discussing with the biggest brands and associations. Join us in the future.

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